Who We Are

Independent Dentists Network is a national network of privately owned practices that are not affiliated in any way with Health Funds or Corporate Entities. They are 100% Independent.

IDN practices owned and operated by qualified registered dentists treating patients.
They are not contracted to Health Funds which encourage contracted practices (Preferred Providers) to follow the respective Health Fund nominated guidelines which advantage the Health Funds.
Patients attending IDN practices receive high quality care aimed at providing the best possible patient oral Health long-term outcomes.
IDN practices offer all treatment options to all patients whether they have Health Fund cover or self-insure.
Patients are encouraged to review their Health Fund choice to overcome some Health Funds paying lower rebates to their members who exercise their freedom of choice of preferred dentist and do not want to be directed to a Health Fund owned or associated clinic.
IDN practices will assist patients identify Heath Funds that give members freedom of choice of dentist.
IDN Dentists are committed to a Code of Ethics that place patient care as their highest priority.